Installing Configuration Manager 2016 Technical Preview

Hello everyone!  Yesterday May 4th 2015, Microsoft made the System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Technical Preview available for download.  This is a quick step by step to install the Technical Preview in a lab setting.  You can acquire the download here

  1. Launch the Splash.hta and click InstallSCCM_TechPreview_1
  2. The next screen just talks about some things to note prior to installing Configuration Manager. You’re going to need SQL installed in your lab prior to installing SCCM.  If you need help with that, Kevin Holman has a good guide to installing SQL for SCCM 2012 R2 in a lab environment.  That works just fine for the technical preview as well.  You can find that here: When you are ready to move on, click next.SCCM_TechPreview_2
  3. For curiosity purposes and to see if there is anything at all different in our installation options from SCCM 2012 R2, I’m going to elect to install the Primary site without ticking the check box to use typical settings.  If you are installing SCCM Tech Preview on a local SQL installation then I am guessing that would be fine to go ahead and do to speed through this process.SCCM_TechPreview_3
  4. Accept the terms of the license and click next.
  5. You also have to accept license terms for SQL Express, SQL Native Client, and SilverLight.  This does not mean you will be using SQL Express in your installation so don’t worry about that.SCCM_TechPreview_4
  6. Select a download path for the SCCM Prerequisites on the site server or share if you prefer and click next.SCCM_TechPreview_5
  7. Allow the files to download.SCCM_TechPreview_6
  8. Select a Site code for your site and Site Name.  I’m going to install this in the default location but feel free to change that if you’d like.  I’ll also leave the box checked to install the console.SCCM_TechPreview_7
  9. Enter the FQDN of your SQL server and name the database.  I’m leaving the Instance name blank since it will go on the Default Instance.  If you’re installing SCCM with a local SQL install this will be pre-populated for you.SCCM_TechPreview_8
  10. For my lab I am going to leave the default location for my data and log files.SCCM_TechPreview_9
  11. I’ll leave the SMS provider on the same server as the Primary Site and SQL.  No need to get complicated here.SCCM_TechPreview_10
  12. I will select to “Configure the communication method on each site system role”.  This will allow my clients to communicate on HTTP and I don’t have to worry about PKI right now.SCCM_TechPreview_11
  13. I’m going to install the Management Point and Distribution Point on the primary site as well.  Again this is because we are in a lab setting.SCCM_TechPreview_12
  14. Choose whether or not to join the CEIP.  I said yes in my lab, who knows maybe I’ll help Microsoft build a better product!SCCM_TechPreview_13
  15. Now you are presented with the summary page of all your selections.  Verify everything is correct and click next.SCCM_TechPreview_14
  16. Oops!  I failed the prerequisite check!  In case you are like me, you may have forgotten to install Window ADK (or maybe some of the required server features).  You can do that now and just click Run Check until you meet all Prerequisites.  You can find the Windows 10 ADK Preview to download here which seems to be fully supported in this SCCM technical preview
  17. Now that I meet all the prerequisites (I can ignore those warnings about SQL server) I can click Begin Install.SCCM_TechPreview_16SCCM_TechPreview_17
  18. All finished!  So setup is nice and easy and hardly defers from what was in SCCM 2012 R2’s setup.  Time to start playing!SCCM_TechPreview_18

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